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Learn To Wakesurf

Our beginner wakesurf lessons are designed to introduce you to the sport of wakesurfing by breaking it down in logical phases of learning with an array of fun little tricks to help you get there safely and comfortably.

  • Learn the start position and how to stand up on your board
  • Develop balance while on your board
  • Learn to control your speed
  • Begin learning to control your direction
  • Combining speed and directional control to find the "sweet spot" on the wave
Off The Grid Wakesurf School - Erik Anderson

Intermediate Lessons

Intermediate wakesurf lessons will focus on increasing your comfort on the board, edge control, and start to implement a few basic tricks. The goal here is to make you completely comfortable on your surfboard and pushing your comfort level to constantly improve.

  • Increase balance and stability
  • Learn how to use your surfboards edges to initiate turns
  • Learn to accelerate and slow down your board
  • Begin learning some basic tricks (bottom turns, floaters, board slides)
Connor Burns Alt

Advanced Lessons

We'll crank up your progression by improving your fundamentals while pushing you to the next level. We offer advanced lessons if you want to sharpen your skills, or want to learn and nail down a new trick or two.

  • Focusing on specific skills to improve your fundamentals
  • Experimenting with both surf style and skim style surfboards.
  • Learning and practising more advanced tricks and maneuvers.
  • Competition prep & coaching


Longterm Wakesurf Coaching & Development

Lead by head coach Bryce Wagner, the Off the Grid Podium Program offers a world-class wakesurf coaching and development program designed for athletes looking to truly step up their game. You will experience a complete, structured and personalized wakesurf coaching program to help you bring your “A” game to each competition and continue to progress for years to come. Each program is custom tailored for each rider to help you achieve your personal goals, stomp your competition runs and get you up to the top of the podium.

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Off the Grid alumni Lily Anderson (ranked #3 in the world, Womens Pro Surf) on top of the podium at the 2020 World Championship Qualifiers.